Re: FA; New ebay auctions

I'm honest on the auctions! - I'd rather not get rid of any of these, but I

> could do with the cash. Mr Artios' fault... ;-)

Oh dear. A disappointed shareholder?

My heart bleeds.

See: model railways are a much more spiritual investment of your interest.


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Brian Watson
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Stuart wrote:-

Stale Tortoise, the only lager which tastes the way it sounds.

PS: Why does everyone keep apologising for selling their old models? We all need the cash to buy new ones. I'm selling my Inter City 225 soon, but I don't expect anyone will be interested.


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On a scale of 1-10 what condition are the Mk4s (esp the DVT) in? And does the Class 91 have a 'proper' pantograph[1] or a piece of moulded plastic in the 'down' position?

[1] - about as proper as a Hornby pan can get.


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Rich Mackin

Rich Mackin wrote:-

8/10 They are in staggeringly good condition considering the age of the train set. (Executive Grey)

Not only does it have a crappy plastic pantograph (which the previous owner warned me about) it appears to be broken (which the previous owner did not warn me about). Although in excellent running order my original intention was to replace the loco entirely with a named example which can be found quite cheaply on eBay.

This is a complete train set. The large oval of track has become so loose it is difficult to maintain electrical contact. One of the power connectors is missing but the other still works. The transformer and controller are virtually mint and appear to have been hardly used.

This is essentailly a restoration project and totally unsuitable as a children's gift or for a first time user.


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