Re: Marklin z guage, old type plugs and sockets.

I don't know if I am in the right place for this, I have a new layout

> using the old type Marklin switches etc, I need some old type coloured > plugs and sockets for the wiring, to go with this.....

If the plugs are of the same type that is used for H0 (and I suppose they are), you can find them on ebay:

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*Q2Cstekk*Q29QQsoloctogZ9Q26saavailabletocountryQ3D146QQsotrZ2QQsosortpropertyZ1Q26sosortorderQ3D1QQcoactionZcompareQQcopagenumZ1QQcoentrypageZsearch Look for "stekker" (Dutch) and "stecker" (german).

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Erik Baas
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Brawa still produce them. The new Ma ones have a sleeve to cover the plug stem (just in case you attempt to electrocute yourself) I would imagine it would be possible, although fiddly, to trim the sleeve off.

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Gregory Procter

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