Re: Newbie needs help! Modeling a platform in N Gauge

Hi Joe
To customise our platforms on our n gauge layout we used balsa wood cut to
shape and then used sand paper to slope the ends.
Took bits from a metcalf kit (top and sides) and glued onto the balsa as
In hindsight may have created a balsa "box" rather than using a solid piece
but it seemed to work OK.
Hi all. Just got all the track layed, wired and points wired on my new N > gauge layout.
> I need some help modeling the station platform. Basically, its going to be a
> small country terminus, single platform affair.
> I was going to use the metcalfe card kits or the peco platform kits, but the
> shape I want won't really fit in with these.
> My next idea is a block of wood to the shape of the platform, faced with
> plasticard at the sideds for th brickwork, but not sure what to put on the
> top for the actual platform surface and edging.
> Any suggestions on how others have modeled platforms would be appreciated. >
> Thanks
> Joe
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