Re: Sealing Metcalfe Paving?

"Stu" wrote
Just built a Metcalfe Terraced Houses (Front) kit, which comes with the
> Metcalfe individual paving slabs. The kit itself is great, and went together
> fine - but the adhesive on the paving doesent seem to stick firmly to the
> card base (as intended), with the 'kerb' strips in particular easily coming
> off if touched.
> Is there anything that would 'seal' the paving, holding it in place properly
> that I could put on now (ie after it's all been done). I was thinking Spray
> Mount/Glue might work.
> Any Ideas?
I can't answer your question Stu, but it wouldn't be a bad idea for you to
let Metcalfe know this so that they may have the chance to improve the
product at some point in the future.
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John Turner
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They also have a phone number. It's only a small company, so you might get Mr. Metcalfe himself.
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