Scratch building a brass chassis


Any thoughts on the best (or optimum) thickness/gauge of brass to use for a loco chassis, and any recommended online suppliers?

We are not talking scale models here - this is to build a basic chassis for a Hornby O gauge tinplate body which, at present, doesn't have a chassis. The loco will be 4 wheeled, 12v DC.


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"Graeme" wrote

I'd have thought that 3/32" brass would give a pretty rigid job.


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John Turner

As thick as possible! I would go for at least 1/16". The kit manufacturers use around scale thickness brass, but that's because it can be etched. You want weight and strength. Even with thick brass, you really want seperate press in bearings.

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Gregory Procter

I've sucessfully used 16 or 18 gauge brass sheet but you'll want plenty of spacers to prevent it flexing. Use "tophat" bearings as you'll have very little bearing surface. HTH

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John Pickstock

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