simple question?

Can anybody tell me how best to model corrugated sheet in OO? - can I buy
this in plastic or card?
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"loxham" wrote
Yes, both Slater's and Wills produce this, the former in several scales, the latter just in 4mm:1ft.
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John Turner
Slaters, Wills or Evergreen probably have something.
I like Evergreen, it might be expensive compared to the others, but it is very consistent. If you have problems finding it, "The Model Shop" on City Road, London have it. (no connection, except occaisional customer)
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The latest Hornby club magazine has a DIY version. Cut the flat bottom out of a takeaway meal container (the thick foil variety). Place the flat piece of foil on a piece of card and draw parallel lines across with a ball point pen. You cna then cut out recangles and paint them rusty colours. Djo
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