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Are you referring to the Chesterton Lane halt? I thought it to be a wonderful example in how to build a station in 2 hours using nothing more than a shovel!
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Taking these together, and referring to "The Tetbury Branch" by Stephen Randolph, pub Wild Swan Publications 1985 ISBN 0 906867 35 5
The map on page 84 shows Beer Crate Halt and Troublehouse Halt to be at two different locations.
I cannot locate the picture which I have seen of Beercrate Halt, but the map shows it to be at the end of a lane which might well be Chesterton Lane. (There is no Chesterton Lane Halt shown on the map)
The narrative refers to the farm cottages at Little Larkhill Farm and the residents who left a metal beer crate at this unofficial stop to save the walk into Tetbury.
OTOH GWR Country Stations:2" by Chris Leigh, pub Ian Allan 1984 ISBN 0 7110 1438 8 shows a picture of Troublehouse Halt on page 75 and claims it also to be Beer Crate Halt. Perhaps a popular misquotation of, "Absinthe makes the Tart grow fonder"? :-)
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Following on from my other post to you, and from my knowledge of the area, Chesterton Lane is in Cirencester, and might well have been a halt on the OTHER branch from Kemble!
And, from the map on page 4 of "The Cirencester Branch" by Nigel Bray, pub The Oakwood Press, 1998, ISBN 0 85361 504 7, there is Chesterton Lane Halt!
There are two photos of the halt on page 104 and a description on page 105.
Odd, but his book seems to brand new that I cannot have even opened it before!
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: Surely must be to model the Beer Crate Halt on the : Kemble - Tetbury branch line! :
Just the job for the (announced) AC Cars 4-wheel railbus from Heljan...
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Especially as the Tetbury book has a picture of one with the steps folded down for those places where there is no platform (or maybe just a beer-crate)!
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