"T" Gauge reliability?

Just seen my first "T" gauge layout at the Calne show.
Very impressive.
But, based on miniature motors that might otherwise only
run for a few seconds per hour (eg vibrator in a mobile phone)
I wonder what is the longevity of such tiny motors if employed
on a continuous run? (Not that we do much continuous running anyway)
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For your information for Märklin Z (scale 1:220) following has been done:
Die kleinste elektrische System-Modelleisenbahn ist seit 1972 die Märklin-Mini-Club. 1977 fuhr das Modell der Mini-Club-Lokomotive Art.-Nr. 8885 mit 6 angehängten Wagen im Dauertest 1219 Stunden lang ohne Reparatur und Wartung. Dabei wurde eine Strecke von 720 Kilometern zurückgelegt. (Im Original wären die sagenhafte 158.400 km!)
translated: The smallest electrical system model railroad is since 1972 Märklin Miniclub. In 1977 ran the Model locomotive Art nr 8885 with 6 wagons in a duration test 1219 hours without repair and maintenance. This covered a distance of 720 km. On scale this would be 158.400 km.
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search for "Modelleisenbahnrekorde".
sorry for the German language, I couldn't find the same thing in English.
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