Thornbury Hill

Just reading the article about Thornbury Hill in this months MR, and to my mind there is one minor detail missing. What gauge is it? The article says "finescale", and leaves it at that. I am assuming it is

4mm scale, and it obviously isn't P4, but it's hard to tell if it's EM or OO. That in itself is a good sign!

The title and header paragraph also says that it is 40 years old, and was constructed from 1968. Which is the typo? I'm 40, and I wasn't born in 1968!!

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Paul Boyd
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I haven't seen the MR article, but I am only aware of one layout by this name. It was originally owned by the Burgess Hill Model Railway Club (W Sussex) and was started in the late 1960's. If I remember correctly, It was sold to a group of members (shortly after I left the club around 1988) who have continued to develop and exhibit it. It is 4mm scale. The track is all hand-built copper-clad finescale OO and I must say that all of my stock ran very well on it provided B2B's were correctly set.

Graham Plowman

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On 08/03/2006 02:22, said,

That's the one. Looking at some of the photos a bit more closely from different angles, it is obviously OO, but generally it looks good. It shows what can be done with OO if you don't just plonk down Peco track!

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