Flexible gangways for coahes.

Hi everyone,
Does anyone do Flexible gangways for coach interconnects? Also can
anyone give me a reccomendation for sprung coach buffers that I can
install on Dapol and/or Hornby Mk2 coaching stock please?
Thanks to those that respond,
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Robert Wilson
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A dealer who makes loads of differing types advertises in Railway Modeller.
Or make your own easily. Visit
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. You might have to click on 'More Collections' to find them.
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David Smith
Simplest gangways for those are the Keen Systems sprung units, easy to fit, work well, look OK. You don't need sprung buffers between coaches, since the prototype ones would be retracted and not in contact. ' Retracted' buffers are available as castings in the MJT range but you can probably shorten those already on there. For sprung buffers to use at the end of the rake to couple to the loco you can get spare oval sprung buffers from Bachmann. Keith
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I find their close couplers and corridor connections greatly improve the appearance of older Hornby passenger stock. Take note, the site is designed for MSIE and does not work well in Firefox, etc.
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