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Hi Folks:
This post is to inform everyone that Teleflite is now selling and shipping
individual copies of David Sleeter's new book, "Amateur Rocket Motor
Construction", and that you can buy a copy on eBay, so PLEASE TELL YOUR
FRIENDS! Here is the link to the eBay page.
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books are a flat $37.00 per copy with free delivery to any U.S.
destination, and California residents must add an additional $2.33 state
sales tax for a total of $39.33.
For those of you who ordered and paid for the book in advance, I'll ship the
book now to anyone who requests it with the understanding that Teleflite's
website is still under construction. When the website is up and running,
THEN I'll do the mass mailing to everyone else.
Also please note that I am not set up to receive international payments at
this time, so these initial eBay sales are limited to buyers within the U.S.
(including Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam). This restriction does NOT apply to
foreign customers who paid in advance. To clarify, if you're a prepaid
customer, foreign OR domestic, and you want your book NOW, I'll mail it to
you regardless of where you live. Just email me at
David Sleeter/Teleflite
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David Sleeter
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And I have to live in Canada, I was excited to see that post until I read U.S. customers only. I guess patience will have to prevail.
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The books are a flat $37.00 per copy with free delivery to any U.S.
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