"Amateur Rocket Motor Construction": Hobby Shops Wanted

Hi Folks:
Teleflite is now looking for hobby shops to carry its new book, "Amateur
Rocket Motor Construction", preferrably local and regional chain stores.
Here in Southern California we have a chain of stores called "Hobby People"
(formerly known as Hobby Shack), and I sent them an evaluation copy this
I'm looking for similar chains in other parts of the country, and I'd
greatly appreciate suggestions and contact info (names, websites, email
addresses, etc.). If there's a chain of hobby shops in YOUR area that might
be a candidate, would you please email me at:
And of course, the books are currently for sale at
formatting link
formatting link
To find the book, just type the title into the respective
main search engines. Thanks in advance,
David Sleeter/Teleflite
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David Sleeter
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Anything of ITAR concern in the book?
Others teaching classes have had to be very careful to avoid violating ITAR.
ITAR is serious $#!+
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Fred Shecter
Google reveals:
International Traffic in Arms Regulations
See Code of Federal Regulations, Title 22, Chapter 1, Part 120 and subsequent.
Interesting reading.
shockwaveriderz wrote:
formatting link
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David Schultz
Rocketeers ignore CFR and substitute their own judgement for it.
Look at the EXEMPTIONS in 27 CFR 555.141-a-8 as a PRIME example.
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Jerry Irvine
IIRC, it's the International Traffic in Arms Regulations.
As Fred pointed out, "ITAR is serious $#!+".
- Rick "Not even going to speculate" Dickinson
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Rick Dickinson
No that would be Aerotech, Magnum, Countdown, TRA, NAR, motor magazine consumers etc, etc...
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Jerry Irvine
For something that was CERTAINLY a proliferation threat whether or not it was an ITAR violation!!!
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Jerry Irvine
Hmm, you always seem to be opposed to letting others do amateur rocketry or learning how to make their own motors. Which is rather odd, since you only do AR yourself.
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