Hobby shops in Frankfurt

Just wondering if anyone knew of good hobby shops in Frankfurt. I'm
interested in 1/48 modern jet aircraft.
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Danie et Gilles
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If you go to Frankfurt, try to go to the Zoo. At the oposite side of the main entrance,circuling around the fence and near one subway entrance you will find a very nice modeling shop. Well I was been there at something like one year ago and is open, I hope is still there. Lots of aftermarket detailing stuff and decals. Good luck.
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carlos ligeiro
That's the one that used to be Modell-Jann 15 years ago, and at that time was one of the greatest hobby shops I ever found!
Cookie Sewell (with HHC 3AD in Frankfurt 1986-1989)
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Sadly Theo Weiss, the propriator of the "the Model Treff" passed away from lung cancer a bit ago and the shop was never sold and was subsequently closed.It was a great loss to the modeling community there.It was a great shop.
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The Model Hobbit

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