Hobby Shops in Mentor, Ohio?

I'm going to be in Mentor (Cleveland), Ohio over Thanksgiving. Any must visit hobby shops in the area other than Wings and Hobby Castle?

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There is a Hobby Town in Mentor which is ok. I would suggest however, you make a stop at Stewart's Hobby in Willoughby. They just moved to:

38033 Euclid Ave.

I haven't been to the new store, but the old store was great and I hear this one is larger.

Depot Train and Hobby on the west side is pretty cool too! (W. 130th Street)

Jim Bates IPMS/Fame Cities

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Jim Bates

There was a really cool hobby shop in Lakewood. Sorry, don't recall the name or the street, it's been 9 years since I was last there. Don't know if it's even still there. Wait! It might be Wings & Wheels. IIRC, back then anyway, it had been around for 30+ years. Had that "old time" feel to it. Lots & lots of plastic & trains & books. ISTR back then they also advertised in FSM.

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It's still there - named "Wings."

And there's a Hobbyland in the Mentor Mall - fairly well stocked with a rather broad range of goodies.


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