Book Reviews for Teleflite Rocket Motor Book?

Hi Folks:
As many of you already know, the new book, "Amateur Rocket Motor
Construction", is for sale on eBay and To find it, just type the
title into the main search engine of either website. Because Amazon limits
the size of a book's description, you'll find more complete information on
This past week I received 2 emails asking for links to any reviews of this
book. I've been alerted by the respective publishers that 2 GREAT reviews
will appear in upcoming issues of the Journal of Pyrotechnics and American
Fireworks News, but that doesn't help the situation NOW.
Therefore, I'd greatly appreciate it if people who have read this book would
look it up on Amazon, and write a reader-review, or if you purchased it on
eBay, leave some brief comments on my eBay feedback record.
And of course, like everyone else, WITH FASCINATION, I'll be watching the
launch of Rutan's SpaceShipOne on Monday, the 21st.
David Sleeter/Teleflite Corp.
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