Hi again Folks:
Teleflite's new book, "Amateur Rocket Motor Contruction", is now at the
printer, and the lithography department is making the printing plates.
THIS MESSAGE IS URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE, and it's addressed to all the
people who ordered and paid for the book in advance.
For the SECOND time, if you have moved since you placed your order, please
send your address change information NOW to:
Please do NOT wait. Do it immediately, as I'll soon be printing the shipping
labels. Please include your new address AND your old address, as I'll need
your old address to look up your file.
I've received approx. 100 replies to my first posting of this message, but
I'm assuming that there are still some "stragglers" out there who didn't see
it. I'll start shipping books in about 6 weeks. At that time I'll activate a
website at
formatting link
(there's nothing there yet), where people who
did NOT order in advance will be able to order books and supplies with a
credit card over a secured server.
David Sleeter/Teleflite Corp.
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David Sleeter
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My nephew will be happy, he has been attempting to pry my fingers from the old book for years so he can have it for himself.
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