Teleflite Needs Vendors

Hi Folks:
As many of you know, my new book titled "Amateur Rocket Motor Construction"
will soon be in print. The printer ships the finished copies next week, and
they should arrive at my warehouse around May 10th. That's 25,000 pounds of
The book is paperback, 8-1/2" x 11" with 528 pages, 427 photos, 274
drawings, and about 100,000 words. The retail price is $29.95, and the
individual copies are all bar-coded for retail sale. It teaches people to
make 5 homemade propellant formulas, and 54 proven and tested motor designs
ranging from a C6 to an I-65.
Now I'm looking for vendors to market the books for me at Tripoli rocket
launches and fireworks shows. I'm looking for established and respected
businesses, well know to the people who attend these events. As I'm not
currently involved with Tripoli, I need suggestions on who these vendors
might be. And, of course, I'd like to talk with these people personally.
Would interested parties please contact me at:
David Sleeter/Teleflite
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David Sleeter
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Magnum look on for dealers
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Jerry Irvine
You want vendors? I'll give you vendors!!
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I think I deserve a free book for this...
shockie B)
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Do you want me to BUY you a book?
He does sensational publishing work.
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Jerry Irvine
When do you think you will be shipping out to people that did not pre-order?
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...once every two or three decades....
- Rick "I'll probably buy a copy, anyway" Dickinson
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Rick Dickinson

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