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Hi Folks:
Since announcing the completion of Teleflite's new book, "Amateur Rocket
Motor Construction", I've received a dozen or so emails asking if there's a
second book on the horizon, and the answer is, at least for now, no.
In 1982 when I started my work on rockets, my home was located on open
county land, surrounded by open fields, and subject only to county and state
regulations, which were more relaxed at the time. In the years since, a
large city has grown up around me, and local regulations alone would now
prevent me from conducting any further work at this location.
I completed the last of the new book's motor tests in 1998, and have been
occupied since then with the other aspects of the book's production. In
March of this year I auctioned off the last of my "rocket stuff" on eBay
(You all missed your chance!), and in April, with a twinge of regret, I tore
down my old, cement block test facility. In the process I evicted a VERY
angry possum.
Though I don't fly rockets as a hobby (I'm into telescopes and amateur
astronomy), I'm still interested in them, and if, in the future, I move to a
suitable location, I might take up the work again. In the months ahead, I'll
focus on the business of marketing the new book, and some of the related
tools and supplies. Beyond that, I have a machine shop, and when I've got
the "book business" and its website running smoothly, I plan to start a
completely unrelated sheet metal manufacturing business.
Dave Sleeter/Teleflite
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