Nov. issue of MR - Pennsy layout pics

Don't know if I missed a thread on it here, but has anybody gotten a serious look at some of the pictures accompanying the layout article "Celebrating the Pennsy" in the Nov. MR? The pictures I'm talking about are the #2 picture showing the iron works. Looks like somebody did some serious work with either Photoshop or Illustrator. I mean, look at the exaggerated shadows and coloring style on the blast furnace and the building in back of it.

Next is picture #3 - it looks like an old Lionel catalog shot with weathered rolling stock. Picture #1 isn't much better, and some of that is out of focus.

The blurb at the end of the article says the fellow that did the story and pics is a freelance writer and photographer. Now I know why he's freelancing

- his photography technique leaves a bit to be desired, especially if one is trying to present something as what it really is (which is what I expect of layout photos) instead of what he wishes it to look like. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong and way off base.

I've seen WAY better layout photography in MR than this.

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Meh, looks like there was a bright fill light pretty much perpendicular to and nearly at the level of the furnance and mill house which accounts for the colors - the smoke stack shadows on the backdrop (representing far away mountains) is just plain lame.

Pictures like #3 I've seen in many photo-layout tours - it's common and certainly nothing special. Picture #1 I looked at a bit closer, as I tried to guess which DPM and Smalltown buildings he used where...

And we've all seen way worse too (albiet Rail Model Journel tends to win the prize in murky, out-of-focus photography)

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