Trix Twin Gears

I am wanting a brass worm & brass gear to replace a worn 32 tooth
x13.55/13.75mm diam gear. both to fit 2.48 shafts. Can anybody help. The
items ate for a TTR Flying Scotsman 1183 in war Time Black livery. Thank you
in advance Roger
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Barbara Mitchell
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Barbara Mitchell said the following on 15/08/2005 15:08:
It might be worth a look at the Ultrascale website -
formatting link
You will probably find that the 2.48mm is actually 3/32", give or take a smidgen.
Even if they don't do an off-the-shelf solution, they can undertake a special for you. Make sure you read the notes about the current delivery times though!
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Paul Boyd
By all means ask, but I know that a number of the gear ranges described on the Ultrascale Website are no longer available and that certain "special runs" are no longer undertaken. I get the impression that the company is either "downsizing" or changing its emphasis to a more limited product line.
Alternative might be via Chris Stapleton (owner of Sharman Wheels amongst other well known model brand names), who has some gear manufacturing capability.
- Nigel
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Nigel Cliffe
On 15/08/2005 17:56, Nigel Cliffe wrote,
Yes - now you mention it, that might be a better idea than Ultrascale. Don't know why I didn't think of that, especially as I have an envelope addressed to Sharman Wheels just about to be posted!
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Paul Boyd

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