TV/Radio Interference

The question of our models causing interference crops up occasionally.
This months EMC Journal
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has a
breakdown of *proven* interference cases investigated by OFCOM
(bananaskins column).
Needless to say, model railways do not feature in the list.
There's an interesting comment about the introduction of CB radio
"revealing terrible EMC design weakness in every type of electronic
appliance". As I've said before, in most cases, interference is due to
poor design or installation of the *receiving* equipment that shows
the interference.
So, we can all rest easy in our lofts/sheds/clubhouses.
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They should try receiving Radio 3 over DAB within six feet of my DCC equipped layout.
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Just zis Guy, you know?
Ok, there are problems, I see similar with FM bands near some DCC equipment.
The kimd of complaints the article refers to are those where a neighbour complains, so generally a bit more than 6 feet away.
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Man at B&Q
I expect the neighbour is jealous of the train set :-)
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Just zis Guy, you know?
When I got my first CB 'home rig' I had a very legal antenna on a 20' scaffold pole in the side garden of my parents house. Using it's 4 watt power I could reach over 200 + miles on a good day.
Our next door neighbours started to complain of herringbone interference on their set.
We went around to try and discover the problem ....... their b/w set was older than me and their aerial / coax was the original !
My Dad, who had some experience of TV /
radio's ( he built them as a hobby ) said it was the TV. Even on 10% power it caused a problem and even my walki talki style one set at 10% power ( about 0.04 of a watt ).
We have had no complaints about our DCC system and even if we did I would say it's nothing compared to the radio on full blast, barking dog's ( we also have a dog ), stinking bonfires that smell of burning rubber, the BBQ's that smell of burnt everything or 'fish wives' saying goodnight to friends at 2 am.
The potential for interference is possible with model layouts but most people have better equipment ( TV / radio ) these days.
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Dragon Heart
Is that with an external aerial and shielded coax feed?
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I think the point is that they shouldn't need to have an external aerial and shielded coax feed. I have a couple of portable DAB radios around the house with telescopic aerials. I should still be able to listen to them without specialist aerials!
In fact, it just so happens that where I live now FM reception is bloody awful, whilst DAB is very strong. I don't have a DCC layout though...
Incidentally, if anyone is having problems with DAB reception, google "DAB j pole aerial". I built one in the old house because DAB reception was bad, and it boosted the signal level significantly. I just have it hanging behind the curtains in the lounge.
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Paul Boyd

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