What's your favourite locomotive? and why?


Nah, the race horses were the A3's, the A4's were flying Ducks (amongst other things)!.. :~))

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Horses for courses, but steam locos could fulfil many roles. There are records of A4s hauling very large trains during WWII (not at great speeds however), and Black Fives have a good turn of speed when they've got a driver who's prepared to have a go. Don't forget that the 9F

2-10-0s have been recorded at over 90mph - perhaps the comment which applied to the Mini years ago should apply to the 9Fs: "If God had intended those things to go *that* fast He'd have given them bigger wheels!"
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David Jackson

Good to see this discussion still going, despite it being not what the original author intended! For me there are 3 locos that stand out as being all time favourites.

Being born in the 80's I never saw mainline steam and I make not secret of the fact that I prefer D&E. However, my favourite route (London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads) just happens to go via Didcot Parkway at the wonderful railway centre. I have therefore been a GWR man ever since I first discovered the Castle class (until then as a lad I was LNER, well with A3's and A4's, you would wouldn't you?). The Castle therefore comes in at number 3.

Number 2 is the ubiquitous 08. I simply love the fact that such an old design could become so widespread and even now be so useful on the rail network. These unpretentious little locos only do 15mph, simple because that's all they need to do.

At the other end of the scale is my all time number one, the HST power car. As a young lad these always meant a long and exciting train journey and good times. The noise these things produce is also pretty special, almost jet like as they spin-up on accelerating away from the platform. If I ever one the lottery I would try and buy one, as the upcoming replacements on the rail network (silly multiple unit things, no proper loco at all!) simply don't have the soul. Preservation is a must!

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HST's friend

A very difficult question to answer with only a single locomotive, but I suppose I like the British 59 class diesels the most.

The 66 class after that. Australia's BL after that Favorite NA diesel is the Alco FA/FB I also have a fondness for electric locos, but do not know anything about British electrics. Steam is just too hard to try to make a call. Too many wonderful machines to choose from. I will say that the Gresly Pacific is not on my list of favorites. I like many of the British machines, but the big, hulking, North American steam locos are the ones that really catch my eye. Milwaukee Road's S3 4-8-4, CP's Selkirk 2-10-4, New York Central's Niagara 4-8-4 and L&N's M1 2-8-4 are all in the front running. South Africa's condensing 4-8-4s are a good look as well. Very interesting machines.

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