.023 vs .030 wire/prologue

Well, today I worked on a double gate for my daughter.

I changed to .023 wire in my Lincoln 175SP+. I liked it for the joints of the .065 tubing. Then I had to weld some 1/4" steel scrolls and decorations. I could hardly get the .023 to stick, so went back to the .030 for the thicker stuff. I think I will use the .023 for .065, and the .030-.035 for thicker stuff from now on.


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Hi Steve,

I use .023 in my 175 almost all the time...most of the stuff I make is 3/16" or less. I made a hanging bracket for my pipe scaffolding the other day, I had to weld .065 square tube to a piece of 1/4" Flat stock. I took my O/A torch and preheated the 1/4" and then zapped the tube on there with the MIG.

Worked very well.....although I guess I am assuming you have a torch !!

Have fun...

Jeff (no cool SIG) Sellers

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Jeff Sellers

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