Prest-o-Lite ace/air torch questions

Today at the dump I picked up an older Prest-o-Lite torch, regulator, and small acetylene cylinder. I think this is the kind of thing professional plumbers use for large projects.

Anything worth mentioning about these things? It looks like an economical alternative to the disposable propane jobs I use for heating stuff all the time.

Can you get rebuild kits for the regulators for these? Also, where can you get bare (not paired) acetylene hoses? This one looks rather well-worn.


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Yes they are very common

Jewelers also use them a lot.

Not really worth it. They only cost about $25 new.

Any welding supplier should have it, but usually they just cut off a length of paired hose and just tear off the oxygen side. Oxygen hose is handy for neutral gasses for welding machines.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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