A bad day at work

Wednesday past, I riding on the back of a three wheel electric scooter. A member of show management was taking me to get a 15,000# forklift to move some Jersey rail.

It was raining. The fellow was driving with an umbrella in front of him. I was on the back seat, facing rearward. Because his vision was blocked, he drove under a parked semi trailer. The blow to my back and the back of my head knocked me off the scooter, where I again hit my head on the concrete. Ambulance, ER, the whole deal.

Long story short, I got a concussion, contusions, and back and neck strain. Looks like a few weeks of recovery and therapy.

Sometimes you can do everything right, and the other guy will get you. So, watch what you do, and keep an eye on those around you. We all work with idiots. Don't assume that those around you will do things right.



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Sorry to hear about this. I can hear someone now, "If you'd only had your seat belt fastened . . . !"

You'd have probably taken your head off > Wednesday past, I riding on the back of a three wheel electric scooter. A

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Al Patrick


Take care and get better soon. The bandsaw is still in the garage for whenever you make it over to check it out.

I don't care whether it's your fault or someone elses; it sucks to make it on the OSHA injury report.


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Robert Bender

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