Advice needed on TIG purchase, TIA


I am looking to purchase a TIG machine (up to $1500) closes dealer sells Miller brand so it breaks down to

Maxstar 150 SLT Miller CST 250 DC stick /TIg Maxstar 200 SD syncrowave 180 SD

application would be welding

1/8" thick 304 and 304L stainless plates

1/8" throu 1/4" mild steel plates.

115 V and 230 V power available

this wopuld be in a shop at this point A/C TIG is not required but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

remote amprage comtrol is a must.

please list pros and cons thank you

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My dealer had a SD (demo) on sale for $999. I went to get it and it was gone. I'm still kicking myself in the butt.....My dream machine.

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All DC only inverter machines. They all require a kit to be used. The Kits vary in price.

Portable. The Maxstars work from multiple input voltages.

The CST250 is more of a Stick welder that you can TIG with. It does have more power, but fewer features.

For a machine to be used mostly for TIG welding the Maxstar 200SD is the best of the bunch. It has more control options, and has high-frequency start.

I have had a Maxstar 200DX for over 3 years now and love it dearly.

AC/DC machine. Much heavier and requiring a larger amperage circuit. It comes complete and ready to go.

If portablility isn't a necessity then this is a fine option.

It is worth looking at the Thermal arc Prowave 185TSW. It is an AC/DC Inverter TIG/Stick machine that costs around $1750. It is 220 volt only like the Syncrowave 180SD.

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