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Hello all. I was hoping to get some advice on buying a new welder. I already have a gas rig and a small Miller 135 MIG. I wanted to start playing with TIG and have been looking for a unit to buy. I'm a hobbyist and won't be making a living with the welder. However, I don't want to buy junk.

I was looking at the new, lower cost units from Miller, Lincoln and Hobart. They all seem to have something for around $1300 and a better model for around $2000. I want AC for aluminum and HF for arc starting. I checked my local paper and found someone selling an older Miller 330 a/bp with a Bernard water cooling unit for $1000. It is from a closed manufacturing business, and the guy says that it works like new.

I was hoping to get some advice from those in the group who are much more familiar with welding equipment than I am. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Mike M.

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I've been using a Thermal arc pro-wave 185 AC/DC Inverter TIG, and absolutely love it. It is small, portable and has low input AMP requirement. I mostly use it on stainless (DC), and rarely on alu (A/C ) New, they run $1560-1600 has pulse, high freq start , lift arc, adj. frequency, wave balance control for AC awsome little machine.

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acrobat ant

i'm kinda a "noob" to welding gear, but my esab 161 works like a charm, and i see alot of posts with people who use these:

HTP miller 180sd esab 161

hobart and miller are basically the same units. although i love my esab, i would stick with miller or htp for support reasons.

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Ditto the acrobat ant. I love my Thermal arc pro-wave 185 AC/DC Inverter TIG. I'd definately buy it again.


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