Any metal working magazines?

I get several wood working magazines like Wood Magazine, American
Woodworker, Workbench, Family Handyman, etc. Are there any similar
magazines for metal working?
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Joe B
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Milelr has an E-newsletter called PowerClick
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Lincoln has a newsletter with projects and articles
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I prefer Lincoln's higher end magazine called Welding Innovations, which covers things from an engineers perspective. A little complex sometimes, but much more informative.
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Also here is one online from the Hobart Welding Institute
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The magazine publishing world has yet to bring out a hobby metalworking magazing like Fine Woodworking.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Last fall I got a freebie trial copy of something called, Home Shop Machinist...
Subscriptions, 800-447-7367 $27.95 US a year.
That issue had a plans and construction article on an electric scooter, a metal spinning primer, piston and ring making for model engines, metric equivalent drills, a sand blast cabinet plan, info on three phase from VFD's and a story on moving a mill-drill.
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Stuart Wheaton
It depends on which type of metalworking you're talking about. Since you posted in the welding group I assume you're more interested in that and except for the ones Ernie mentioned I don't know of any.
There are a few for machinists though if you're interested in that aspect of metalworking. Home Shop Machinist and Machinist's Workshop are both published by The Village Press. You can find more info at:
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And you can probably find copies at your local Barnes & Noble bookstore.
There's also American Machinist:
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and The Fabricator:
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and after looking at their site I see that they also offer "Practical Welding Today" but they're not for hobbiests so you may not qualify for a subscription, depending on your situation. They also have eNewsletters such as "Welding Wire" available.
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Keith Marshall

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