Any use for magnesium TIG filler rod

I am sorting through my pile of TIG rod, saving small quantities of the rod that I need and I will list the rest on ebay. This is like a little museum of TIG rod.

Anyway, I have 3/32 and 1/8" magnesium filler rods. I am not sure if I should keep any at all. They are magnesium and burn brightly when lit. But I am not sure if I ever will need to weld magnesium, given that I do not make cruise missiles or anything like that. So. Would you say that I may need even a little qty of it for any purposes, not necessarily welding?


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They are fire starter rods for your BOB, save them.

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Pete C.

Some industries use magnesium tooling plate to make light weight jigs and fixtures. That's about all I can think of, unless someone asks you to repair a vintage automotive wheel, like some of the old original racing wheels cast in mag.

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I do some of that and repair bunged bolt holes in mag suspension parts occasionally at work.

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Stupendous Man

You might run into a cracked tool housing. Skil makes Mag versions of the Model 77 wormdrive saws.

A lot of lawnmowers use magnesium for the deck. If you do keep it, make sure it is stored air tight. The stuff loves to oxidize over time.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

It is already rather oxidized. I suppose I can clean it if I need to use it.

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