I make replica battle axes, halberds, etc. for a friend who sells them
to reenactors, SCA people, etc.
He supplies the material.
Lately many of the blade burnouts he's supplied have been harder to
grind and shape than usual. I asked him about this and he checked with
his supplier who told him this batch were cut out of leftover AR-500
1/4-inch plate. A web search found this designation to be a
high-manganese, abrasion-resistant, work-hardening material used to line
rock crusher drums, dump beds, etc.
The material is very tough and seems to weld easily using FCAW. (a
Lincoln Weld-Pak 155 at "D" arc voltage)
Are there any caveats for welding this material to steel tubing? (Mild
steel, about .120 wall thickness)
So far I haven't been able to break any of the assemblies using an
8-pound sledge on them on my 300# anvil.
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