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I'm not using any magnetic holders, but I can't get the puddle (140 Hobart MIG) to attach to both plates (3/16" mild steel, or less). It welds fine to one plate or the other, either vertical or horizontal, but not to both in the same pass, without washing. It just won't fill in one pass without making a 'wash'. Any ideas how to solve this? No other problems with machine or the welds.

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You are running the correct polarity, using .025" wire, and using either CO2 or C25? Is this running into a corner or just along a fillet?


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Grant Erwin

heh sounds impossible. also sounds familliar. are the tack welds good or is it just clamped? are you sure your settings are right?

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Robert Ball

Not being a welder I'm probably off base. But what little experience I had with stick welding back when, I know the current flow between two pieces of metal vary and would affect the direction of the weld. Just for fun... is your cathode connected neatly to both pieces? You said you are not using a magnet holder... this may be your 'mistake'?

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Wayne Lundberg

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