New to welding ... want learn ... hobby/crafts only... signing up for night classes soon.

Want to weld square tube 1/2" to 4" (14 ga to .125") & round tube/pipe to

2" (thin to SCH 40). Lumber racks, tables, BBQ stands, gadgets, etc . . .

Getting ready to buy Millermatic 251. The M25 gun that comes with it can be swapped for a BERNARD gun.

Need suggestions as to what configuration would be best for my intended uses. BERNARD lets you build the exact gun you want and length of hose.

Would appreciate any suggestions as to what would be the best combination for my intended use. Not to worried about "down the road applications" or "what if application". Most concerned with my intended use.

By the way it's really nice lurking here . . . Thanks Steve

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Petrified Woodworker
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I applaud your choice of the MM251, a fine machine. I suggest, however, that you work with the M25 gun. It may not be the world's best or most expensively made gun, but it will be covered under warranty, and all the parts are readily available, and it works fine. Ernie upgrades his MIG machines to use the Tregaskiss Toughguns but that's so he can turn them all the way up and run them in spray mode - the M25 won't take that application for longer than a few seconds.

I have a MM250 - a very similar machine, the nearly-immediate predecessor, same specs just not digital, and I use the M25 gun. Ernie almost talked me into buying the Tregaskiss gun but I thought I'd see how this one worked for me for a bit first. The "bit" has now lasted a few years, and I no longer think much about upgrading.

It's your money. I'm just not sure you'd get much by swapping to Bernard.

One cool thing about the M25 gun is you can take it apart and swap it end for end, that will often get you a much newer looking gun.


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Grant Erwin

You can order the Millermatic with the Miller Roughneck gun. A much heavier duty gun. It is a gun made by OXO, which is now part of Bernard.

I put one on the Millermatic 300 we have at school. It is a good gun. I like 15' guns so I have some reach, but in a cramped space a long gun is a tripping hazard.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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