nozzle for miller M10 gun ?

I got a millermatic 175 today, after carefull search , i did not
find a fluxcore style nozzle for the miller M10 gun
I was accustomed to Lincolns little plastic nozzle when flux was in
use , it did cover the gas discharge ports and gave a sligthly better
view of the puddle in tight places, i liked it.
what does miller reccomend ? there is nothing in their web page undr
so my question is: does such slim nozzle exist for this M10 gun?.
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I have a HH175 which has a H10 gun. It is my understanding that the H10 is the same gun as the M10. It was discussed on the Hobart site and the factory guys said that there was no such nozzle available. I use mine with the nozzle removed when welding with flux-core. Be aware that the metal parts exposed when you remove the nozzle are electrically hot when you pull the trigger. It is a lot easier to weld with the nozzle off. You can see really well what the puddle is doing. Just don't touch the side of the tip against any part that is conductive. I also spray the contact tip with nozzle spray once in a while to keep any spatter from sticking to the end of the gun.
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arrrggg....... red has it, blue don't.....I will rig something up to protect the gas discharge ports. and make it "cold" alright next topic (just trying to gather some info here. ) miller gas regulator has no knob to adjust pressure, instead it has a plain round head bolt (can you say / EL CHEAP-O?) my understanding that with any regulator , when not used, regulator spring tension should be released. Even thou most people or shops don't do it. still it would be nice to be able to adjust the regulator by hand not with a screwdriver. i will be welding up a knob or some sort. I am not bashing miller just writing about my first impression.
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