Follow-up to Millermatic 175 problem

I got the machine back from the kid and looked at it for a while. Nothing in earnest because I had to do some errands with SWMBO. While we were out, I stopped in at a Miller authorized service center and was able to speak to someone knowledgeable about the problem. I asked him if he had free estimates and he said sure. You give us $108 and we will give you a free estimate. Anyway, He asked me what the symptoms were and when I told him he said that is sounded like what some of you are probably thinking. Low voltage.

So I am wondering how that can be. I am using the dryer outlet in the house and the dryer still works so that can't be the problem. I've used it many times before. Used the same extension cord that I have used many times in the past so that shouldn't be it. It's IS getting 240 volts damnit!!

So we get back and I start looking into it again. Sure enough it is only getting 117.5 volts. WTF?!?!? SWMBO comes out and sez something like " The last time you used it was at the kids house. Didn't you have to switch the plugs over there?" Then the "AWWW SHEEEEEIT!" moment. Sometimes I just hate that woman. :-) She has a way of doing that to me. No I didn't remember that. I had to swap one of the ends of my extension cord to match the outlet in his garage and then when I was done I swapped mine back on again. Only I when I put mine back on I inadvertently switched the white and green wires. SON_OF_A_BEEACH. I fixed my cord and the welder works fine again.

Thanks for all your help anyway.


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I don't think I offered any suggestions on your particular problem because all my thoughts had already been mentioned by others but thank YOU for letting us know how it worked out! It's frustrating when someone comes here and ask for help with a problem and never lets us know what happens. :-/

Best Regards, Keith Marshall

"I'm not grown up enough to be so old!"

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And, it is always good to know that even when we think we checked ALL the obvious stuff, we may have missed something REAL obvious!


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