Buying used TIG welder.

I need to add another welder to the collection. Been looking
around, the Miller 180SD fits the needs but I'm not stuck on
Miller. I've gotten some quotes on the Miller with my educational
discount but a nice used machine would probably do just fine.
I've run across some really ancient beaters at my favorite junk
tool dealer but never any reasonable late model stuff. Where
should I start looking? Check with the dealers looking for a
demo, return, or trade in? I'm hoping for something late model at
about 60% to 80% of new (discounted) cost. Doable?
There is an earlier posting for a 180SD, just that it's 1200
miles from me, I'd NEVER get a Purchase Order approved for that
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Roy J
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Check ebay for used welders. By far the largest market for this stuff....
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James Arnold
Here's a tig runner setup that sold for $1350 recently..
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James Arnold
Miller sells reconditioned welders only to dealers. Have your dealer check what's available and price.
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R. Duncan

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