Clark Parts help please

Hi new to this forum so Hello, and please let me know if I am asking eth wrong type of things ;-)

I have a Clark Turbo 150TE Mig welder, and have had it for some 12 years plus. It has worked very well but recently it has given some problems.

The main problem is that after very short welding times the wire stops, and often bird nesting, just after the drive wheel.

To try and fix this I tried changing the welding tip more often, after around 15 minuets welding instead of 30-45. NO help

I then replaced the wire liner tube, again this has been dine often, but thought there may be a kink in it or something. Again no help

Before and after trying these fixes, I did alter the tension on the wire feed roller, and its speed, but it still keeps snagging after only the initial spark up at time, and then bird nests.

My thought now is to replace the torch complete, as it has served me well for some time. Problem is I have no idea where to get one. I have made searches on the net for parts, but I only find new machines for sale complete, or just the normal tips, wire, steal shrouds, and so on.

any help here would be most gratefully appreciated.

As said if this is the wrong area to post this type of request please forgive me and offer others to try.

Many thanks advance Vaughn

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Have you tried contacting the manufacturer

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I have a new en130 and it is advertised to have a TWECO style gun so you may be able to go to your local welding shop and pick one up.

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If you are in the U.K. go to Machine Mart or email

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Many thanks to the both of you, jdabreeze & PR.

Very sorry jdabreeze should have said I'm from the UK, but the info was still very much appreciated.

If I cannot get eth parts from Machine Mart, the site you offered said they will do their best.

Will be nice to keep the old welder going for a few more years.

Again many thanks Vaughn

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