correct setting for a rose bud tip on torch..

Yesterday I attempted to heat the side of the bucket on my bobcat loader in order to knock some of the dents out of it...I used a rose bud tip on my torch, but I don't think I set the oxy/act fact I know I did not set it right..I never did get the metal to really heat red hot and , while the flame looked clean, there was a lot of black soot on the metal. I think I was was way to low on both gas and oxy. I was set at 5 psi gas and 7 oxy. What should I have been set at for a rose bud tip??? metal is about 1/4 thick....


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Depends on the tip size you're using. You can get the settings from the tip mfgr. But if you have soot then you're too low on oxygen, which will make the flame temp. much lower. Adjust the torch handle valves to lower the act. or increase the oxy. A little more oxy. than the no soot point is about right.

You should be able to get red heat that way. To get more intense heat from there try increasing pressure on both oxy and acet. When the flame is screaming like a banchie you're using too much pressure.

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What should I have been set at for a rose bud tip??? metal is about 1/4 thick.... ^^^^^^^^^^^

1/4" plate can carry away lots of heat. Rosebuds come in different numbers, just like welding tips. What number were you using? I would think a number 3 or 4 would be needed.

You can balance the flame of a rosebud the same as a welding tip. Each little orifice makes a cone, with a feather around it. When the second cone comes down and just matches the little cone, you have a neutral flame, which is usually best.

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