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Apropos of my query on Universal Rod, I finally abandoned the 6011 Lincoln/Home Depot stuff, and got 5 lbs of 3/32 6013, Anchor brand, at $17.50 from a compressed gas place that also supplies some welding stuff. Also 1 lb of 7018 at $3.50

The Home Depot stuff was $10.50 for 5 lbs.

I was surprised at the $17.50 for 5 lbs, especially from a supply house. This is exactly 5 times the 1 lb price for the 7018, when you would expect some kind of break for more lbs. But then the big plumbing supply house around here charges more than local hardware stores, and double HD.

What are people paying for rod, and in what quantities? Yeah, I know, I gotta factor in the New York City premium....

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Local welding store here sells Lincoln rod, 6013, for the following prices:

1/16 $40 5# 5/64 $20 5# 3/32 $15 5#

Pretty stiff premium for the really little stuff.


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5 lbs 3/32 is $8.45 Lincoln Fleetweld. 1/16 is $24.

Even with the $7 shipping, it comes out cheaper than what I paid here in Yonkers. With larger quantity, the shipping becomes amortized.

6011 is a little cheaper, about $7.50, $3 cheaper than HD.

And this is the first site I checked. Google welding rod selection (no quotes) to get the list I got.

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The last rod that I bought was $.50 cents a lb at Boeing Surplus. But that is not a reliable source as they usually don't have any. Since then I have been given some welding rod. =20 Dan

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