Dang. Did it again

Went to weld something yesterday, and I left my valve open on my 75/25 tank again. Most of the gas leaked out. Anyone have any tricks for remembering to turn this off?


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Fix the leak. The connections on my syncrowave are so tight, I can turn off the argon and several days later the pressure gauge on the regulator will still be reading 1,500 PSI.

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Pete C.

I'm not sute where I saw it but it was a US website, I think. There's a cylinder valve which you can hang your gun on when its not in use. Hanging up the torch turns off the gas. But then you'd probably forget to hang up your gun.


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Years ago, when I was in the Air Force, most welders were equipped with this type of valve but as I remember it was located after the pressure regulator.

Bruce in Bangkok (brucepaigeATgmailDOTcom)

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Personally, having to go buy another tank full of gas reminds me pretty danged well!

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