Dodged a bullet yesterday...

I was working downtown on 8th Avenue yesterday, and decided to take a lunch
and go to the weld shop to pick up some tip drills for my torch. I could
go to Volunteer Welding on 5th, or BOC on 12th. Both were the same
distance away. I chose BOC on 12th.
It's a good thing I chose BOC, because when I was getting out of my truck, I
hear (and feel) the big boom. I thought it was the railroad on a close by
rail yard making a connection with a little bit too much speed. After I
made my purchase, I drove to get lunch & noticed emergency vehicles
traveling in seemingly every direction. As I neared 5th Avenue, I looked
up & saw the Nashville Fire Department Trying to put out a fire at
Volunteer Welding. I found out later that a propane tank let go & shrapnel
flew everywhere. They blocked off several surrounding blocks for the next
several hours.
The only reason I went to BOC is because I knew they had what I needed on a
blister card near the counter.
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John L. Weatherly
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YIKES! Real good thing you went to BOC...
-- In the immortal words of Ned Flanders: "No foot longs!" Website @
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Tim Williams
I can see their PR team at work now:
"Buy your welding supplies from BOC, we won't blow you up" :-)
-- you can contact me via
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Bruce Simpson

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