Ernie's Gypsy TIG class in the SF Bay Area

So guys , just to fill you in, my truck is still missing after a week. I have to head back to Seattle so I will fly back on Monday. Luckily I still have my other Toyota truck.

BTW 80's Toyota Pickups are the 3rd most stolen vehicles in California. If I had known that before I came down I wouldn't have parked it without yanking the starter coil out. It seems the master keys for 80's Toyotas and Hondas are commonly available to car thieves.

Anyway I will be back down in the Bay Area in March to assemble a steel awning on my sister's house. It looks like I can just rent space at the Crucible for the class as long as they get some time to schedule it.

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So once I know when I am coming down I will set it up and announce it.

Hopefully they will find my truck so at least it is rebuildable.

If you ar interested in the welding class, or know people who are, or should be, email me to be placed on the mailing list.

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wow ...... sorry to hear about that..... did you have any welding equipment in it ? at the time it was stolen ?

if yes ..maybe the insurance company was trying to say ... "dude ! you need new welding machines, let us pay for it"

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--Hey, Ernie, it was grand! Remember if you can't find a venue my shop is always available. And if you ever get bored we can always check out the junkyards, heh. :-)

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The Truck had very little in it. I did make a tactical error in locking the bed box. I imagine the thieves thought it was full of tools. All it had in it were some cable chains and a cheap car floor jack. I did lose about 25 lbs of TIG rod. Some of that is going to be impossible to replace. Everything else is just really annoying, like the electronic gate key for the inner gate at school. The stereo is useless to them since I have the face for it.

I had hoped that it would be as the police described, a case of strip and dump. If they dumped it then they did it in a place that is really remote. Oh and I only had colision insurance on it so no help there.

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I feek for you, Ernie. My '86 Buick Grand National was stolen in Emeryville. As might be expected, it was recovered in Oakland, but only months after the insurance claim was settled. FWIW, IIRC, 95% of stolen vehicles in California are recovered, although not necessarily in the shape they were in when stolen.

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