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if you read my previous postings about my ESAB 161 unit, you'll know it's a awesome TIG unit, but has been back for repairs for a 2nd time.

it's been in shop (local welding shop that sells ESAB gear) for 2 months now. local ESAB rep was suppose to look at it for some time now. i emailed ESAB in SC and they responded to me immediately, wanting to replace the unit asap.

the new 161's have a high voltage filter on the AMP connector. my unit kept damaging itself because hv was arcing through the torch into the finger switch leads and back into the unit via AMP connector, damaging internal circuitry.

seems like ESAB corporate is very pro-active in helping customers, and the local reps seem to be too busy doing other things (trade shows)...

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Two months is a very long time. Eons if you use the machine to make money. When my Miller Trailblazer started rattling and knocking, I had a new machine right at seven days later.

I would opt for the new machine, and pressure the dealer for some "gimmees" on gas, consumables, and/or a very healthy discount on your next big purchase. Even if you don't make a living with that machine, it is no reason for the repair folks to put you on the back burner. Especially if it is because of poor workmanship ir a design flaw. Sometimes it takes a squeak to get the grease.

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John L. Weatherly

i did not buy it from the local shop.

the shop has been ok about the whole deal, it was local ESAB rep who was not around.

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