ESAB Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus

Just got this wire in. Although we had a few casualties playing with the
settings, for example the outer protective shield of the Speedglas helmet
which melted, once we got the right combination of wire speed and voltage we
started getting some real nice beads and penetration. Slag comes off very
easily. You can weld vertical at a high deposition rate with no problem.
This is one of the lower flux dual shield wires. Fumes were a lot more than
solid wire but not terrible. Stuff runs HOT especially at higher wire travel
speeds. We run 92/8 shielding gas.
Seems like it's going to be a versatile wire for the shop.
From ESAB's site:
"Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus is an all-position wire that is uniquely designed
to provide high deposition, outstanding all position performance and a fume
emission rate approaching that of solid wires.
(I would say they have a ways to go to approach the solid wire fume rate:)
It is optimized for use with 90% Ar/10% CO2 shielding but works well with
mixes ranging from 75% Ar/25% CO2 to 95% Ar/5% CO2. Among the outstanding
features of Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus are a very wide operating window, very
high out of position deposition rates (vertical up and overhead at over 12
lb/hr), and welds that are virtually spatter free. Dual Shield 70 Ultra Plus
may be used in a variety of applications including railcar, automotive,
heavy equipment, and general structural steel fabrication. It is especially
recommended in applications where reduction of welding fume is a priority."
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Might have to try a spool. So far my favorite dual-shield wire is ESAB 7100 Ultra. If it is better than 7100 I will be mighty pleased. If it is designed to run with 90/10, then it sounds more like a 'metal-core" wire.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
I don't have any experience with the 7100, but it does seem like this wire likes reasonably clean steel, although not as critical as spray with steel wire. We had a window open and found that if the shielding gas is blown away there is not enough flux in the wire to prevent massive porosity. That Perfect Circle wire will run without gas and still give a pretty good bead. IIRC the 7100 Ultra is supposed to be available in 10 pound spools of .035. But when I tried to order it, it was either out of stock or you had to buy 10 rolls at a time. I'd like to use it at home if it doesn't melt my Handler 175 nozzle off.
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I would try the 717 esab wire. Esab made some changes and it great stuff. This was one side of a weld coupon that was either a vertical or horizontal fillet weld. I could not tell by looking. It was welded by doing the horizontal first and flipped up to do the vert. All with the same machine settings.
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ATP* wrote:
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Do you know of anywhere I can get one of the ESAB dual shield wires in a ten pound spool of .035? Without ordering 10 of them? Thanks.
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I made a kludge to spool wire from a 33 # reel to a 10# reel. Used a gearhead motor from a copy machine and a light dimmer to get a soft start.
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Thanks. I may try that, I was afraid I might not get the winding right and end up with feeding problems.
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I spool my own small spools. Buy a 35# spool, and set up a jig with either a hand-drill to power it or a handcrank. M spoolgun uses 2# spools, and there are very few choices in fancy wires in 2# spools.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
As long as you keep tension between the 2 spools the whole time it should feed fine.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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