Newbie: Outershield/Dual Shield Wire Help

I have a Lincoln SP 175+ Mig weldor with 75/25 gas. I'm going to be welding a variety of stainless steels but mostly 304L for some home projects. Most of the thicknesses will be under 1/8". After reading about Dual Shield wire on this board and not finding it at Lowe's I went to my local welding shop.

The guy didn't know what I was talking about regarding using shielded wire with gas. He knew about Fluxcore wire but Outershield/Dual Shield just got me a blank stare.

Does anybody have a particular MIG wire product they would recommend for the above projects? I can likely track it down on the web if I knew what to order.



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Here is the ESAB wire that seems to fit

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Rockmount / Nassau at

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has this wire

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Hobart/McKay has this wire which also looks pretty good.

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So call these guys and ask if you can get the stuff on 10 lb spools.

Running 0.045" dual-shield wire in your machine will be really pushing it, so let the machine cool down often or try to find one in 0.035". It would be much kinder to your machine and be more controllable on

1/8" plate.

Post what you find out.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I have had excellant results with Avesta's E308LT0-1 .035 wire with

75/25 in my Lincoln sp175. this is a dual shield flat position wire, and they do package it in 5# spools . It is not easy to find though ,the store I get it from just stocks 25# spools of.045 and bigger for more industrial users. I run my 175 with the voltage to the max so I don't think .045 would work too good in that machine. I don't know how it would work on light gauge as I mostly use it on1/4 in and up. I never could get solid SS wire to look decent compared to tig weld but this stuff comes close to tig look. Not cheap ($18 per #) Kobelco is supposed to be good wire too but never could find it in small quantities and I tried Washington Alloys 308LT-1 and it was no good. I order it from a store in Salinas Ca, so if you if you need phone# just ask. I think I did try it on some light gauge and wasn't very impressed , but that might be me, Iwould rather tig light gauge SS. For bigger structural SS work this stuff is good. Jim
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Jim Moser

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