GMAW Al - Pulse or Spray?


Welding overhead "into the top corner" PD/4F...

I was getting burned, and it was ejecvting a blob of metal to every pulse.

So switched to "straight CV GMAW" and - lo-and-behold - no problem - easy.

Smooth runs. Bit of crackle cleaning oxide had a fine misting not worth calling spatter. Ran in well. Good everything. Knew exactly where stood - wire-feed-speed and volts Found conditions matched exactly the Lincoln Foundation / Lincoln Electric recommendations.

A friend said it sounds like they are making everything more difficult that it needs to be.

FWIW - 1.2mm (47thou) 5356 wire

Would you follow the Lincoln Foundation recommendation of 1.6mm /

1/16" wire for 6mm (1/4") and upwards plate?

Regards, Rich S

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Richard Smith
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I think pulse is mostly just used to control heat input.

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Bob La Londe

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