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I called a local welding supply store (i get all my consumables from them) and they have a used Lincoln squarewave 175 with foot pedal, two torches, and the running gear. All I need is a bottle of argon. $1100. total, with tax. I'm not sure if it has the stick accessories, (most likely) How long did Lincoln make the 175? Does this sound like a good deal, or should I spend a couple bucks more for new equipment? Thanks in advance. walt

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I shopped and shopped and hammered and hammered locally for the best deal on a 175. The best I got was $1350, and that was from a factory rep at the Delco National Drags where they had a special going. $1100 is a pretty good price, and I understand that the 175 is a pretty good machine although it does not have some features the 185 (its successor) has. Then there is the Thermal Arc 185, which has even more features, but then again $700 more. Your choice of machine would depend on your intended use. I tend to overbuy, or buy for the future. I think the 175 will be available for some pretty good prices as they are selling them off and replacing them with the



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The Lincoln 175 isn't a bad machine. Actually has a better DC arc than most. Pretty rugged as well. The only thing I don't like is the "auto-balance", which changes the the AC balance control in relation to the amperage being used.

With two torches, this seems to be a good deal.

A new Miller or Hobart is more$.

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