Got the Hilti grinder--impressions

Got the $30 4.5" DC-500-L Hilti grinder today. Came with case, handle, gaurd,
and two lightly-used 4.5X0.24" diamond cutting/grinding wheels. From circa
Now, this is one of the most unusual grinders I've ever seen. 12.7 amp
input--does anyone else make a 4.5" grinder with that much power? It seems to
have an electronic control module for soft-start (like a big router) and high
speed governing. Even has a little light that comes on when the electronics
kick in. The switch is a bar/paddle type that's the length of the entire motor
housing. Kind of bulky and hard to get a good grip. Lightweight for its size.
Has little plastic ducts to direct the outgoing cooling air. Arbor and flanges
seem a little short for 1/4" thick wheels.
Other than being very complicated, quality is just as good or higher than the
DeWalt/B&D DW402 types I've used in the past. Wheel guard (with toolless
rotation) is quite sturdy and only slightly lighter than the others I've seen.
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Flex and Metabo both make really powerful grinders in this class.
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Ernie Leimkuhler
Well, I just finished tearing through this thing checking it out. There are a lot of different models out there, but I'm very impressed with this Hilti grinder.
Spiral bevel gears, all machining done to mirror finish, everything sealed with rubber, all bearings protected by multiple baffles to keep air and dust out of the way, interlocking sealing plastic parts, internal ducting, lots of use of precision press or slip fits where other grinders I've seen would have used looser-fitting positive mechanical connections.
One thing that really surprised me is Hilti's parts support. I'd heard horror stories from some folks, but these guys were great on the phone. Sent out a part I needed COD the day after I called, and it was cheaper than the other big brands I've used.
Until the electronic governor and brush monitor takes a nosedive, looks like a decent tool.
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