Harbor Freight Plasma Cutter

Long time reader. First time writer. I recently took the plunge, purchasing a HF 36 Amp Plasma Cutter. The unit came with two sets of consumables. After obtaining and connecting the electrical and air fittings and connecting each to a supply, I tried it out on 1/8" CRS. Incomplete cutting, and lots of slag on the bottom. I had the current setting cranked open, and 60 psi. After fiddling awhile, I got a satisfactory cut with 80 psi. I watched the HAZ (thru a #5 shield) progress ahead of the arc, using the progression to judge my speed. The slag won't be broken off with a pliers, but a hand grinder breaks it loose fairly quickly. With arc on for longer than 2 minutes, ambient >70 F, and then intermittent use for the next half hour, the box did not even get warm. It ain't a production unit, but it'll do for this metal mangler. Now if the consumables will last and their replacements don't cost a cow and a calf...

Steve Higgins

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SnA Higgins
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