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Hello Am wondering if any of the readers of this newsgroup have been following the efforts of several different people with regard to Home-Built TIG welding equipment and in particular the effort to attach a unit after the main transformer/rectifier of an existing TIG welder , I would be very interested hearing from anyone that has had success or failure with this process , Mr. Dave Barrett from B.C. has published a set of schematics for such a device at

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, would be interested in hearing from someone that has built or experimented with this unit , I contacted Dave Barrett and he is too busy at this time to give much effort to the project , their must be a bunch of older welders out in the field that could be updated to modern standard , with the price of modern welders from $4,000 to $11,000 , I think it could be worth the effort , again , I would welcome all ideas . Thanks Phil L. W8KLK

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One thing that keeps me a little surprised about Dave's welder is that I have not seen any pictures of actual welds. I would think that welds represent such an ultimate expression of success that it would be natural to make a few pictures of them. Maybe he is too busy now though.

I chose a different route, which is that I took a real welder (3 phase Hobart CyberTIG) and converted it to microprocessor control, rather than mess with stuff taken out of dumpsters.

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could possibly be me. :)

I have a 3 phase Cyber TIG, and I also am limited to single phase power -- so I use a phase converter.

sounds good!


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