In trouble again

I was cruising through Home Depot and spotted a Lincoln Ranger 10,000 on the floor with a price tag of $1,999.00. Asked the department manager about it and he said that was was just delivered and that it was ordered after hurricane Charley when they were desperate for any kind of generator and this showed up 6 months late. They decided to blow it out at this price to get rid of it. So, I signed up for a credit card and got the additional 10% discount and no payments and interest for 12 months promotion. He claimed that several other Florida stores have the same Lincoln Rangers and are blowing them out, although the 10% promotion went off 4/06/05 the $1995.00 is still a hell of a deal. You Florida residents might check out your local HD stores. I've got an older Bobcat on a trailer and trying to figure out how to hide the Lincoln in my trunk or under the tarp so my wife won't come home today and see a big red machine in my driveway and ground me from shopping at Home Depot. Just can't pass up a good deal.

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